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Arson & Fraud

It must be acknowledged that humans are fallible and sometimes make bad, even catastrophic, decisions. They commit acts from which consequences must flow. Sometimes those decisions and acts involve the creation and submittal of false and fraudulent insurance claims for property damage.

This area of our practice, arson and insurance fraud, is actually a branch of the firm’s First-Party Property practice. But it merits a separate page because it was, in fact, the foundation upon which Butler was built.

From the beginning we had a specialty—advising and helping property insurers, commercial and personal lines, make the right decision on suspicious claims. That meant involving our attorneys early in claim investigations: to help select fire science or other forensic experts; to take examinations under oath where warranted; to review all available evidence bearing on a claim decision and; to give advice on the legal principles governing that decision. When the right decision turned out to be denial of a claim, we were prepared to defend it if need be. Our attorneys have tried arson and fraud cases to jury verdicts in every Federal court having jurisdiction in Florida, and many State Circuit Courts, with great success.

To this day the analysis of suspicious claims, and the defense of arson and insurance fraud lawsuits, occupies a central place in the firm’s array of expertise. But, again, what cannot be overstressed is the importance of involving counsel as soon as there is an articulable suspicion about the validity of a claim. It is essential to reaching a correct decision and a successful outcome. We stand on call.