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Butler Step Award Selected – Anna Zagoriy

November 28, 2017

The STEP Award recognizes Butler employees whose efforts reflect exceptional Service Teamwork Excellence and Principles. Often, winners have performed noteworthy projects within their roles. Others have gone “above and beyond” to fulfill a particular need. The newest STEP Award winner is Anna Zagoriy.

Today’s winner started with Butler in October of 2001 as a receptionist. She was the face of Butler and greeted everyone, whether on the phone or in person, with a warm, professional welcome. As the needs of the firm grew, she grew, too, wearing many hats, and sometimes fulfilled two roles at once. From receptionist to paralegal help to scheduler, it seemed she could handle it all. There was a point in time she went back to the switchboard, all the while continuing with her scheduling duties. Today, she handles the needs of our 9 Miami attorneys as well as the numerous requests from Tampa and Tallahassee. Her attention to detail and organized system greatly assists secretaries and attorneys in the completion of no less than 100 requests per week. Nonetheless, this STEP Award winner makes it seem effortless.

During her employment with Butler, today’s winner attended FIU completed the paralegal course and received her certificate. This education has helped her better understand the legal process and enabled her to assist paralegals during the course of her tenure with Butler. Just another example of the many hats she has worn during the past 16 years at our firm.

We are blessed to have Anna Zagoriy part of our Miami office, to call her our co-worker and friend.

Congratulations, Anna!