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Paul Butler founded the firm on principles. One of those is, “We work to live – not live to work.” This does not mean we are not absolutely committed to our professional responsibilities. It does mean that we esteem personal growth and family values, both within and outside the firm. At Butler, we bring our backgrounds, experiences and aspirations from around the country and the world. We are culturally diverse. We enjoy our friends and families. We cherish the time to pursue our hobbies and interests. In short, we are just like those we serve – professionals dedicated to our clients; working hard at our careers and at home; concerned about others with hopes and dreams for a better world. Does this culture appeal to you?


Butler embraces diversity in our nation, in our communities, and in our hiring practices. We welcome every gender, race, religion, ethnicity, culture, and sexual orientation. Diversity among our lawyers and staff creates a work environment defined by inclusion and respect. A diverse environment benefits our clients by leveraging varying viewpoints, values, and creative approaches. Our vision maximizes the unique potential of each member of the firm, where our attorneys and staff are valued, and where every person has a voice. We believe that our vision benefits our clients and our employees. See our Diversity Strategic Plan.


The success of any team depends on the dedication and contributions of all members.  Our professionals and support staff are crucial components of the Butler team.  We endeavor to encourage creativity and personal commitment at every level of the firm.  We invite all those who see themselves in that role to inquire about opportunities with us.