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Butler Step Award- Brittney Bagiardi

March 30, 2018

The STEP Award recognizes Butler employees whose efforts reflect exceptional Service, Teamwork, Excellence, and Principles. Often, winners have performed noteworthy projects within their roles. Others have gone “above and beyond” to fulfill a particular need. The newest STEP Award winner is Brittney Bagiardi. 

Brittney has been Butler’s Marketing Coordinator for nearly two years. She has brought tremendous energy to Butler and also to the development of the Firm’s brand. Brittney tackles every assignment with 110 percent effort. She has broadened the scope and responsibility of the coordinator by providing business development skills for all levels of attorneys. One way she accomplishes this is by assisting attorneys with marketing themselves and the Butler brand. Brittney’s forward-thinking ideas have increased Butler’s presence on social media by always moving forward while remaining true to Butler’s roots. Brittney’s attention to detail, positive attitude, and vision embody Service, Teamwork, and Principles.