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January 1, 2020

Across the Bar Community Service Spotlight

This article was originally written by Stephen P. Ngo, 11th Circuit Representative

During the holidays, it’s easy to get swept up in the Season and the spirit of giving. Santa’s Bell summons us to drop a dollar or two into the bucket, and donations of clothes for the needy are the norm. Small, single acts of kindness are really what the holidays are about. But for F. Bryant Blevins, Esq. the spirit of goodwill extends to all 365 days of the year. Mr. Blevins is a Trial Attorney at Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP in Miami, Florida. He has acted as a “Big Brother” to Edward Mendieta.

Mr. Blevins signed on with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami to give a local teen some needed guidance. Edward, then a spindly 13-year old, remembers the first “hangout” vividly: “We went to boxing class. That was different than anything that I had done, but really fun.” Besides learning the “sweet science”, Edward recalled going to bookstores and movies with Mr. Blevins on a regular basis. The hangouts weren’t so much about the activity itself, but the opportunity to get sound advice on school and life. “It wasn’t like a lecture from an older per-son, it was more like two friends talking, which was really important to me.” Most of all, Edward credits Mr. Blevins with the important trick of learning how to “stay positive” no matter what.

Edward also credits Mr. Blevins with helping him on his path to college, even helping him get a laptop computer for homework. “He always made sure I was on top of it…He’s a great person,” Edward points out, “I’m thankful for everything.”

The giving continues and now the “Little Brother” is working at Mr. Blevins law firm as a file clerk, learning the basics of the practice of law. As to whether law school is in his future, Edward coyly acknowledges “Maybe…we’ll have to see!” If you do see a young attorney in the courtroom in about six years named Edward Mendieta, you’ll have Bryant Blevins to thank.

Mentoring a high school student is a great way to reach potential young lawyers early. Give back to your community and become a mentor.