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September 20, 2017

LexisNexis Practice Guide: Florida Insurance Litigation provides the practitioner with immediate access to knowledge and strategy on every aspect of insurance practice in Florida. The publication concisely presents the terms, conditions and exclusions that govern coverage offered against the risks under each line of insurance. This approach provides a comprehensive exploration of key concepts, policy language and insight for litigation of common and esoteric disputes under those policies. Each chapter also provides task-oriented checklists, examples, strategic points, and cross-references to governing statutory and case law.

In its introductory chapter the Guide presents a clear outline of the nature of insurance, insurance concepts and terms, the insurance industry and the regulatory environment. In the succeeding chapters, the authors address the specifics of Life, Health and Disability Insurance as well as Personal, Commercial and Profession Lines of insurance. In addition its comprehensive treatment of each line of insurance, separate chapters provide the practitioner with a detailed explanation of issues arising from coverage denials, limitations of insurance coverage, approaches to coverage and coverage litigation and the exposure of insurers to judgments in excess of policy limits. Florida Insurance Litigation also provides comprehensive chapters on the sources of insurance coverage. These chapters provide the practitioner with detailed guidance on the scope and nature of primary, excess, umbrella and surplus lines insurance and the Florida statutes governing the availability of coverage for claims against insolvent insurance carriers.

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