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October 9, 2015

The recent historic flooding in South Carolina has caused extensive property damage. As a result, property insurers will face a myriad of coverage issues including the applicability of water exclusions and the enforceability of anti-concurrent cause provisions. Clark Schirle, a partner in Butler’s Chicago office, has extensive experience with these types of claims. His White Paper addresses key coverage issues that property insurers will face when handling these claims. The White Paper is an invaluable resource and guide to insurance professionals.

Our firm has handled numerous first-party claims in South Carolina, including those involving water losses. If we can assist you with any issues you may have relating to the recent floods, please contact Andrew Watson in our Charlotte office, who is admitted and litigates property cases in South Carolina. You may also contact Clark Schirle  directly with any questions or concerns. Or, please call upon any of our other partners with similar experience, Tom Brown in Philadelphia or Bill Lewis  in Tampa.