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Sent With Love | Butler Partners with Meals on Wheels to Write to Seniors

October 15, 2021

Sometimes a small note can make your day.

That’s exactly what Butler’s Chicago office planned to do when they partnered with a community volunteer program called Meals on Wheels to provide service to seniors in their area. Meals on Wheels offers a function called “Love Notes” in which people can write personalized letters to seniors who are registered in their program. A staggering 84% of the seniors in the Meals on Wheels program have said that their driver is often the only person that visits them during their day.

The Chicago office helped write letters and personalized notes that would go to the over 10,400 seniors registered with Meals on Wheels in an effort to brighten their day with this simple gesture.

To learn more about the Meals on Wheels program and find out how you can help your local community, click here to visit their website.