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January 27, 2020

We are excited to be a part of the Windstorm Insurance Network 2020 Conference in Orlando, Florida. The annual Windstorm Insurance Conference (WIND) is a three-day conference for the property insurance claims industry. See speaker details below:

The Property Insurance Adjuster’s Work- Flow And Processes—Analyzing Steps And Best Practices Of Insurance Claim Handling 

Presenter: John Garaffa

Co-Presenters: William Merlin (Merlin Law Group), Dave Young (Claims Wizard), Jeffrey Major (Skyline Adjusters), and Roberta San Juan (Empire Claims Services).

Property insurance claims handling can be analyzed to lead to an efficient production of claims. This panel discussed how ethical and practical claims requirements are made into a workflow that should be integrated into claims software. Such workflow and process analysis helps prevent claims handling mistakes and inevitably leads to modern software which helps guide property insurance adjusters whether they be company, independent or public, to greater and more accurate production of claims.