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Butler On Drones: A Practical Guide For Insurers

June 8, 2016

Unmanned Aircraft Systems – better known as “drones” – are about to change the way most everything is done. The Consumer Electronics Association estimated that there were 700,000 new drone owners in 2015, and 2016 is expected to bring even more. These new drones (and new drone owners) have already begun to bring about transformative changes in several industries, but no industry will be more affected than the insurance industry. Insurers in 2016 need to be prepared to underwrite the risks associated with the hundreds of thousands of new drones being operated by inexperienced users, to handle claims arising from their insureds’ use (and misuse) of drones, and, in many cases, to use drones themselves as part of their underwriting and claims-investigation processes. Now more than ever, it is essential for insurers to familiarize themselves with the civil, criminal, and regulatory laws that govern this new technology. 

 As a courtesy to our clients, Butler has prepared Butler on Drones: A Practical Guide for Insurers, an electronic book provided exclusively to our clients to assist them in navigating the complex legal landscape colloquially known as drone law and to help them stay ahead of the social, legal, and technological changes that have already begun as a result of this new technology. 

Request a copy of the EBook here.

The Second Edition is now available, to request a copy click here.