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Butler Presents the STEP Award to Zeina Hasbini

July 18, 2022

Butler is pleased to announce that Zeina Hasbini is the latest recipient of the firm’s STEP Award. The STEP Award recognizes outstanding service, teamwork, excellence and adherence to the firm’s principals. Zeina is a “floater” legal assistant in the firm’s Tampa office, filling in for other legal assistants when they are unavailable. She works for as many as ten or twelve attorneys in a given day, and is known for being immediately responsive, even after hours and when she is on vacation.

Recently, when the Charlotte office lost one of its assistants, Zeina filled in, having to learn how to do things in another jurisdiction overnight.  All the while, she kept up with her responsibilities in the Tampa office.  Zeina has accomplished all of this while also attending law school at Stetson University.  Please join us in congratulating Zeina on this well-deserved award.