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Butler Step Award Selected – Angela Dunn

June 14, 2018

Butler is pleased to announce that Angela Dunn is the recipient of the STEP award. This award recognizes employees who go above and beyond in demonstrating Service, Teamwork, Excellence and adherence to the firm’s Principles. 

In her role as Accounting Manager, Angela serves both her department and other departments in the firm, such as finance and client relations. She acts as a liaison between the various business sections of the firm and the lawyers. She is described by her peers as easy to talk to and trust, able to make precise, quick decisions and is always helping solve problems. Among the many things she has accomplished, Angela volunteered to update the billing instructions list and, while doing so, realized the updates were needed. She then worked with client relations to make sure the instruction was thoroughly completed. 

Angela always volunteers to call and assist with vendors with their invoices and has found a way for the firm’s billing software to run more efficiently to process certain bills. She also proactively updated the firm’s client billing guidelines. As one of the people nominating her put it, “she is Butler.” Please join us in congratulating Angela.