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Butler Step Award Selected

July 17, 2017

The STEP Award recognizes Butler employees whose efforts reflect exceptional Service Teamwork Excellence and Principles. Often, winners have performed noteworthy projects within their roles. Others have gone “above and beyond” to fulfill a particular need. The winner of this month’s STEP Award effectively redefined her position over the last few years, transforming it from being an exceptional assistant to acting as the nerve center for three offices in the servicing of a major firm client and being an exceptional assistant. The newest STEP Award winner is Gloria Arthur.

Gloria consistently delivers the Teamwork that all of us our expected to deliver. But Gloria also delivers something else. Gloria delivers what folks in New Orleans call Lagniappe. Something is given as a bonus or extra gift. Gloria consistently goes above and beyond her job duties in service of the firm.

While supporting several busy attorneys as an experienced legal assistant, Gloria also took on several additional roles over the past year. Gloria has worked closely with Human Resources to implement institutional changes in the way that secretaries, floaters, and scheduling clerks are hired and trained. She conducted strategic analysis of the firm’s workflow and devised ways to improve it. As part of this project, Gloria now trains all new legal assistants.

Please join us in congratulating Gloria Arthur as the newest winner of the STEP Award.