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November 8, 2022

Join Partner Matthew Peaire along with co-presenters Brian Huang and Mike Rimoldi as they present for the NASP 2022 Annual Conference on November 8, 2022. The program summary can be read below.

Why is subrogation ignored or missed after natural disasters? This session will reveal tips to help subrogation professionals nail subrogation potential after a catastrophe. Attendees will also better understand how learning about building code basics can help subrogation potential. The session also covers the proper steps to pursue subrogation against roofers, contractors, or manufacturers. This session will discuss:

  1. key questions to ask on catastrophe claims to uncover potential subrogation;
  2. building code basics that can be relevant to subrogation and roof claims;
  3. how to identify the outliers when investigating structures that could lead to subrogation potential; and
  4. subrogation legal issues on catastrophe losses