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Examination Under Oath: A Vital Tool In Examining Potentially Fraudulent Claims

May 1, 2013

This article was originally published in the CLM‘s Litigation Management publication, summer, 2013. © Copyright 2013 by CLM. All rights reserved. Republished by Butler with permission from CLM.

SIU Manager, Ryan West, was used to the smell. You know the smell. It is scorched. It is bitter. It is the seemingly everlasting and sticky odor of smoke.  He’s at the fire scene to take a recorded statement of Belinda Peters. Her house burned last night. Burned as she started frying some chicken for dinner.  Her attention was diverted from the stove while she took a call from her aunt in the Netherlands. Her story, to the fire department, is that she left the stove unwatched, unattended, for a mere minute.

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