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December 2, 2021

Join Partner William Linero and co-presenters Mariella Conti, Pam Palpallatoc, and Corey Person as they present for the Pete Fowler Construction Services, Inc. Diversity Webinar. This free webinar will take place on December 2, 2021.

The program description is listed below:

In an increasingly diverse world where people are more aware than ever that minority people need to be supported, it can be hard to walk the line between allyship and dominating a nuanced conversation. Minority voices are the most qualified people to turn to when asking, “How do I be a supportive ally?”

Allies are typically non-minorities who use their privilege to enact positive change. This program aims to define basic terms and concepts to keep in mind while also providing examples of actionable allyship vs performative allyship.

Our panelists will speak from personal experience about four keys of being a supportive ally through actions and words. While a panel of four cannot speak for the experiences of all diverse people, this platform is an important opportunity for an open dialogue about topics otherwise deemed too sensitive for professional discussion. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions for candid advice on personal growth.