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January 03, 2006 | Publication| Getting the Winning Edge: Appreciating the Permissible Boundaries, in Qui Tam and Other Litigation Contexts, for Contactiong Your Adversary's Current & Former Employees

Dean S. Rauchwerger

To say the least, litigation is frequently competitive, hard-fought and fraught with many hurdles. Developing a winning case requires that you seek the edge at every step in the journey. Big opportunities for marshalling critical testimony and evidence exist by pursuing permissible ex parte contacts with your adversary's current and former employees. Below is a general discussion of the ethical boundaries and practical tips for effectively contacting and interviewing such witnesses.

October 05, 2005 PublicationCourageous Whistleblowers are not "Left Out In The Cold": Legitimate Justifications Exist for Collecting Evidence of False Claims Act Violations

It is the courage of whistleblowers, standing up in the face of great adversity and overwhelming pressure to "look the other way;' that enables the False Claims Act ("FCA") to fulfill its primary purpose of combating fraud on the U.S. Treasury. By marshalling evidence and collecting company documents, the whistleblower provides the necessary proof to shed light on fraudulent and illegal FCA activities.

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