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December 17, 2015

Matthew W. Peaire and Jessica M. Skarin recently authored Chapter 158 “Introduction to Insurance Subrogation” in the New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition.  Published by LexisNexis, Appleman on Insurance has long been considered a comprehensive resource in the field of insurance law.  It is showcased by LexisNexis as an “authoritative analyses of insurance law across the nation with insights provided by expert practitioners and scholars . . . .”

Chapter 158 is the introductory chapter of Volume 13, which focuses exclusively on subrogation. In their chapter, Matthew and Jessica provide a framework for the basic principles of subrogation, along with the rationale for permitting and promoting subrogation.  Additionally, helpful hints are offered in conjunction with a discussion of numerous subrogation related issues, including the distinctions between contractual and conventional subrogation; priority of recovery; and the protection of an insurer’s subrogation rights.