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Jeff Warkentien & James Anderson Selected as Recipients of the Butler Step Award

May 13, 2016

The May STEP Award goes jointly to James Anderson and Jeff Warkentien.

James and Jeff go above-and-beyond in similar accolades. Both are in Litigation Support, and both push past the boundaries of their job descriptions with creativity, thoughtfulness and initiative. James does not merely carry out an assignment. He is proactive, asking questions and delving into the objective of the assignment, to find ways of adding value. Jeff, who is a master of graphic design, always is looking out for opportunities to apply his skills to benefit the firm. For instance, on “Bring-Your-Child-to-Work Day,” he put the kids’ pictures on the monitor where they were having lunch, which was a big hit. Jeff even had a hand in designing the STEP award trophy.

Congratulations to the joint recipients of the STEP award, James Anderson and Jeff Warkentien.