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Managing Partner Scott Katz Is The Facilitator For The Lea Spring & Education Conference

June 7, 2018

Managing Partner, Scott Katz will be facilitating a discussion on “Data Analytics: Drilling Down on the Trends that Matter for Litigation Management and Claims Management” at the LEA Spring & Education Conference in Newport, RI, on June 7—8, 2018. 

This program addresses the ever-increasing use of data collection by commercial -property insurers: Data collection significantly impacts “claims management” and “litigation management” today, and it is expected to have an even more important role in the future. Claims professionals and litigation managers are now able to utilize data analytics to make better decisions concerning coverage analysis, future underwriting of risks, and litigation strategy, as well as decisions relating to the selection and supervision of independent adjusters, legal counsel, expert consultants, and other claims- service vendors. In turn, this provides more control on the adjustment and litigation spend; a potential reduction in claims payments; a shortening of the timeline for claims and litigation; and an overall increase in efficiency with much better results. The speakers will address these issues from the perspective of an in-house litigation and claims manager for a commercial insurer, and from the perspective of an outside counsel law firm.