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One More Lap! Moving the Community Together

December 1, 2021

  1. How long have you been participating in this Mini-Marathon?

    I have been a member of the Boston Community Club for 5 years.  We put on the Mini-Marathon so that we can raise money to have events throughout the year for our community. 

    Before Covid hit, we hosted Fun Day one Saturday and had the community kids and their parents, or actually, anyone who wanted to come, to have hotdogs, play some games such as kick-ball and just have some good outdoor fun!

  2. How do you prepare for the marathon?

    It takes months to prepare for our marathon.  There are so many tasks that have to be completed.  We order shirts for the runners/walkers (and to sell), the route has to be identified and cleared with the City Council, and we have to coordinate with the local emergency response teams for their assistance and for road closures, contact food and Artisan vendors to participate, etc. 

    The festivities start with the Boston Pageant on the weekend before the Mini-Marathon.  The next weekend, Friday night starts out with the beginning of the Barbeque Cook-off and a band playing in the downtown park.  The next day, we show up early to set up for the festivities, to get the vendors placed, and get the runners/walkers off.  The food vendors are always good, as are the other vendors who participate. The finale is always the Boston Community Club float with the winners of the pageant. 

  3. What goals do you want to achieve with being a member of this organization? 

    I love serving my community.  The Club brings us together to provide a togetherness atmosphere in our town.  Personally, I want to build friendships and make Boston, Georgia a better place to be.

  1. What inspired you to sign up and start doing this Mini-Marathon every year? 

    My neighbor knew I wanted to be involved in my community, so she invited me to join.  Who knows, maybe this will lead me to Mayor once I retire from this awesome Firm!