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April 16, 2018

Butler Partner Kimberly Ramey and Crawford & Company’s Patricia Farve presented on “Multiple Claimant Cases: Minimizing Exposure” at the PLRB Claims Conference in Orlando on April 16th and 17th.

Kim and Patricia discussed claims involving multiple third-party claimants and insufficient policy limits present unique challenges for claims professionals and attorneys, and the overarching duty of the insurer in multiple claimant scenarios is to minimize the insured’s exposure. This requires a thorough investigation and evaluation of all claims, knowledge of the approach taken by the governing court, and formulation of a well-reasoned settlement strategy. Extra-contractual exposure can be reduced by fulfilling these duties and maintaining communication with the insured every step of the way. 

The presentation examined various judicial approaches, explained the risks associated with improperly implementing claim resolution strategies, and explored practical solutions for the global resolution of claims.  A PowerPoint presentation guided the audience. They discussed the applicable law using actual claims as examples.