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Plrb Large Loss Conference – Anatomy Of A Catastrophic Burn Case: How To Resolve

November 15, 2017

Lewis Collins from Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig presented in Ft. Worth, Texas at the PLRB Large Loss Conference on the topic of “Anatomy of a Catastrophic Burn Case: How to Resolve”.

This program focused on the difficult and highly-emotional case involving a significant and far-ranging burn case.  The presentation included analysis of both the liability and damages aspects of an accident involving a worker injured in an industrial setting whose life was transformed in an instant when he experienced burns over 75% of his body.

This interactive program will deal with how the claims organization must rapidly assess the causative factors of an accident occurring on the site of one of its insured’s largest customers (the employer of the injured worker).  It will enlighten and inform the attendees of the “political” aspects of the investigation of an accident where the insured is trying to determine how the accident occurred while dealing with a large customer of the insured (the owner of the manufacturing plant where the accident occurred) who “wants answers”.