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November 18, 2015

Dean S. Rauchwerger presented this Restaurant Fire Spread & Suppression System Failures Webinar on restaurant and nightclub fires and how failures of fire suppression systems and other fire safety systems can exacerbate fire damages. The program discussed restaurant and nightclub fire suppression systems that when not properly designed, manufactured, specified, installed, maintained, inspected and/or operated, may result in fire spread and increased fire damages. The case studies focused on fire suppression system failures due to, among other things, inadequate maintenance, construction defects, improper modifications, and impairments. The seminar provides valuable insights identifying potentially responsible parties for recovery purposes and the effective forensic investigation and legal strategies for developing viable restaurant fire spread and fire suppression system subrogation claims.  If you are interested in a dedicated client educational program on Restaurant and Nightclub Fire Spread and Suppression System Failures, please contact Dean S. Rauchwerger.