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STEP Award – Tamarra Maurasse

October 2, 2020

The firm is pleased to announce that Tamarra Maurasse, one of our Firm Trainers, is the next recipient of the STEP Award, recognizing Butler employees who demonstrate Service, Teamwork, Excellence and adherence to the firm’s Principals.  In March of this year, the firm’s head trainer left on maternity leave, and Tamarra took over her responsibilities.  Little did we know, that within a few weeks, the Firm would be transitioning to a work-from-home environment and upgrading much of its software as a result.  Training became essential to making that transition successful.  Tamarra became the “face” of training during that difficult transition, working above and beyond to keep the firm’s employees working smoothly in a new environment.  The firm thanks her for her dedication and hard work, and is pleased to present her with the STEP award.