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Subrogation Litigation: Skills & Management Conference

March 23, 2018

Join Butler Partner, Hobart Hind, as he presented “Litigation Coalitions – Common Alliances and Strange Bedfellows” at the Subrogation Litigation: Skills & Management Conference in New Orleans. 

Arguably the most successful coalitions in the subrogation world have transpired in wildfire litigation. In this session, you will hear from a seasoned wildfire Origin & Cause Investigator and experienced wildfire counsel regarding benefits to be achieved and the pitfalls to avoid informing fire case coalitions. The discussion will include tips for building a team based recovery strategy, building and sustaining trust in and among the coalition, maintaining open channels of communication and balancing the group membership dynamic while maintaining individual identity. The panel will provide insights, both good and bad, from lessons learned and how the subrogation industry can improve upon coalition building in the future. Although the concept of working as a team sounds easy, many industries have yet to accomplish constructive coalition building. Come learn why the subrogation industry, especially in the wildfire setting, has been so successful in fire case coalitions.