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Susan Larock Selected as Recipient of the Butler Step Award

September 21, 2015

Butler is a collection of people who are hard-working and dedicated. Combine those traits with “creative” and “multi-faceted” and you have the Quality Committee’s next Butler STEP Award recipient – Susan LaRock.

Susan is the office manager for Butler’s Tallahassee office. She has worn many hats during her 14 years at Butler, seamlessly switching among them to serve the firm and its clients. She personally jumps in to offer secretarial support when the office needs it. She was instrumental in the smooth move and renovation of the Tallahassee office. She encouraged downsizing and reduced overflow to improve office appearance. Susan, almost single-handedly, integrated the files from the Liability Section and the Property Section when the firm decided to blend the physical files and was ahead of the curve when the firm decided to go paperless. Her computer talents have proven invaluable to this smaller office, as well as her good humor and responsiveness to the needs of attorneys, paralegals, and staff alike.

Excellence in just some of the tasks above might warrant the STEP Award consideration. Susan’s excellence in all of them makes the Quality Committee’s choice an easy one. 

Congratulations to Susan LaRock, the second recipient of the Butler STEP Award!