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The Do’s and Don’ts of Subrogation for Adjusters and Fire Investigators

March 4, 2020

Partner Mary Jo Kuusela as she presented “The Do’s and Don’ts of Subrogation for Adjusters and Fire Investigators” at the 2020 FACAP Annual Arson Seminar. 

This presentation focused on the efficient and effective investigation of fire claims for subrogation recovery potential. Mary Jo discussed the applicable statute of limitations involving negligence, failure of products, and construction defect claims. She provided an overview of the importance of gaining an understanding of the facts that occurred before the loss, which determines whether or not a fire claim needs further investigation for subrogation.  If subrogation recovery potential is determined at the early onset of the case, the course will further explain the steps to move forward to complete the subrogation investigation. The presentation ]also explained the expert’s duties and ethical obligations under NFPA, and there were discussions of case studies.