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November 8, 2021

Join Partner Hobie Hind and co-presenters Mark Grotefeld, Jason Schulze, and Kevin Smith as they present “The Great Texas Freeze Claim of 2021 and Subrogation” at the 2021 NASP Annual Conference on November 8, 2021.

The program description is as follows:

In mid-February 2021 the state of Texas suffered what will eventually go down as one of the most costly catastrophic loss events in history. And we all know by now, when something like this happens, the subrogation industry steps up. This presentation will explore how the energy distribution marketplace functions, how it failed during 72+ hours in February, 2021, and how the subrogation process might work moving forward. We will examine (1) how energy distribution in Texas works, (2) what went wrong, (3) who the targets of recovery will likely be, and (4) using wildfire litigation as a template, what litigation might look like over the next several years.