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Tracy Barry Selected as Recipient of the Butler Step Award

January 29, 2016

The employees of BUTLER are critical contributors to the firm’s goal of exceeding client expectations. They are on the front line, knowing what our clients need and providing it with dedication and innovation. This month’s STEP award recipient exemplifies those qualities.

 When we moved to the Tampa office, we got a new phone system and new email addresses. That presented challenges and created problems. For example one of the firm’s major clients was cut off from reaching us with us by fax or email. This employee stepped up. She spent countless hours working with our IT department because she is a problem solver.

 Also, she is one who embraces change. When the firm rolled out a new records management system, she was among the first we asked to give feedback. She was one of the Beta-testers for our new .pdf program and was the firm’s designee to attend a seminar presented by the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court on the court’s new e-filing system. 

 This employee’s dedication shone forth again last year, when we moved a large file to new counsel who had agreed to pick up our client’s tendered defense. She worked diligently to see that the file was properly organized and prepared for transfer. Because of her attention to those details, the firm now has a better understanding of how to handle file transfers in the future.

 For those reasons and many others, the Quality Committee is pleased to present January 2016, STEP award to Tracy Barry.