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The Winter Of Our Discontent: Addressing Common Coverage Issues In The Wake Of Historic Winter Weather

May 13, 2014

This winter season introduced many of us to what meteorologists call the “polar vortex.” Blamed for dozens of deaths, historically low temperatures, and weather emergencies throughout the country, the severe weather took a projected $5 billion toll on property and businesses.

Insurance claims for damage from winter storms, including from ice and freezing, made up 7.1% of all insured catastrophe losses from 1993 to 2012. For those of us dealing with the effects of ice damming and pipe breaks, there is no doubt that this percentage is likely to rise dramatically this year.

In the wake of the extreme weather, numerous insurance coverage issues are certain to arise. While the existence or extent of available coverage obviously turns on the nuances of applicable law and the unique factual circumstances of each loss, below we highlight some common issues that we expect to appear and offer guidance on some law you may find helpful. If you have specific questions regarding the law in your area, call the Butler Pappas office nearest you. 

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