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August 1, 2012

How did you get involved with boxing?

I was first introduced to boxing when I watched a Bernard Hopkins (at that time, the Middleweight World Champion) fight in high school. I was fascinated with the sport, and from that point forward, was consumed with learning as much about boxing as possible. I would read books, magazines, and watch as much boxing as I could. In college, I started the Florida State University Boxing Club, which was part of the Sports Club Council. We ran a small amateur program for a handful of students out of a boxing gym near campus. After graduating from Florida State, I worked full time for a national boxing promotions company called Banner Promotions. In 2002, I moved to Tampa to attend the part-time law school program at Stetson’s College of Law. At that time, I joined a local boxing promotions company called Starfight Productions. In May 2009, Starfight was dissolved, and shortly thereafter, I started Fight Night Productions with a group of partners.

What’s involved in a typical event?

I equate our events to minor league baseball. Our shows consist mostly of young professional boxers trying to work their way up through the ranks. Many great boxers, such as Edner Cherry and Irving Garcia, fought the majority of their careers in our events before moving on and fighting on HBO, Showtime and/or ESPN. Our typical event consists of six to eight professional boxing bouts. We have ring card girls, a ring announcer, music, cocktails and other refreshments available. We strive to provide a clean and upscale atmosphere. We have held our events for the past nine years at the A La Carte Event Pavilion. It is a beautiful facility that provides the perfect venue for our events.

What’s your favorite part about organizing the boxing events?

My favorite part of organizing professional boxing events is that I am playing a part in creating history. Each one of our events is recorded in a comprehensive boxing record book call Fight Fax. Fifty or a hundred years from now, someone can look in the recorder and see the results from our shows. I think that is pretty special.

Is there anything you have learned about the fighters that is interesting?

Good professional boxers are very dedicated to their craft. Just like any profession or undertaking, the ones who succeed are the ones who are both talented and prepared. Proper preparation in boxing is as physically and mentally demanding as any sport. I respect those boxers who dedicate themselves to the gym, and who strive to become world champions.

What’s one of your most memorable fights?

I have had many memorable fights in the past ten years. I would say that the most satisfying moment for me was when I promoted my first nationally-televised boxing event, which was on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights. The main event was my fighter, Edner Cherry, fighting world-rated contender, Antonio Ramierz. Edner was knocked down and hurt pretty badly in the fourth round. Amazingly, he was able to recuperate and come back to knock Ramierez out in the following round. A monumental moment for me, and a spectacular fight.