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Shaheen Nouri is an Associate Attorney in our Tampa office practicing insurance defense with a focus on property coverage and extra-contractual matters.  A native of Seattle, Washington, Shaheen attended the University of South Florida earning a Bachelor’s in Philosophy and Political Science.  He later attended Stetson University College of Law, earning his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.  Shaheen was awarded the Walter Mann Leadership Award and the Reiter Scholarship for Excellence in Legal Advocacy upon graduating.  

As a law student, Shaheen served as Editor of the Journal of Advocacy & Law and a Teaching Fellow for Federal Civil Practice, earning the highest grade distinction in Florida Real Estate Law and Federal Civil Practice.  He also served as a judicial intern to the Chief Judge Michael G. Williamson of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida during his final year. 

Shaheen worked for the Florida Attorney General’s Office gaining experience in appeals before joining Butler to dedicate his practice to civil litigation and insurance defense.  Shaheen has also served as in-house counsel for a national property and casualty insurance holding company, representing the company’s entities in first-party lawsuits and assignment agreement disputes.


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Attorneys Vincent Fernandez and Shaheen Nouri Published in Claims Journal

The Claims Journal recently republished a blog written by attorneys Vincent Fernandez and Shaheen Nouri discussing a Florida Supreme Court decision which answered the question of what it means to be a “disinterested” appraiser. You can read the Claims Journal article by clicking here....

Too Interested To Be Disinterested: The Florida Supreme Court’s Take on Disinterested Appraisers

“If you and we fail to agree on the amount of loss, either party can demand that the amount of the loss be set by appraisal. . . . [e]ach party will select a qualified, disinterested appraiser[,]” is a phrase known all too well by courts, carriers, policyholders, and their respective counsel across the State of Florida.  On February 9, 2023, the Florida Supreme Court answered the question of...

New Florida Law Allows Carriers to Serve Joint Offers and Proposals

On December 16, 2022, Florida’s Governor signed Senate Bill 2A into law, bringing a number of changes to Florida’s insurance litigation landscape. These reforms include an amendment to the Florida law governing offers of judgment or settlement, section 768.79, Florida Statutes. Under the amended law, enumerated at section 768.79(6), “a property insurer may make a joint offer of judgment or s...

Shining a Light for Those In Need – Shaheen Nouri Spotlight

What appears to be floating on top of a glass table, sits a red fez cap marked with a distinct symbol. It’s the mark of a fraternal order that dates back to over a century.  Butler associate, Shaheen Nouri, has been a member of Shriners International for four years. Even more recognizable than its rich color and symbol is the commitment and impact Shaheen and members of Shriners have...

Butler’s Thursday Tips #8 | Importance Of A Mediator

Join attorney Shaheen Nouri as he gives three reasons why a mediator is important in a First-Party claim.

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Butler’s Thursday Tips #4 | Staying Organized

Attorney Shaheen Nouri offers some tips on staying on top of cases for First-Party Coverage and Extra-Contractual matters. Stay tuned to find out more helpful tips! #ButlerLegal #COVID19 #ThursdayTips #ThursdayThoughts

Insights on Covid-19: Butler Blogs, Publications and More

Industries around the globe are feeling the effects of the Coronavirus, and the insurance industry is no exception. Our proactive focus is providing our clients with practical, substantive information they can use to move forward in these uncertain times. Included below are Publications, Blogs and Webinars touching on various insurance industry topics surrounding COVID-19.   ...

Taking Interest in the Disinterested: Analyzing State Farm Florida Ins. Co. V. Crispin

Florida courts continue to refine the roles and limitations of appraisers in Florida property claims.  Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeal recently held that a public adjuster cannot serve as a disinterested appraiser where the public adjuster is retained on a contingency fee basis.  State Farm Florida Ins. Co. v. Crispin, No. 5D19-249 (Fla. 5th DCA February 7, 2020). In Crispin, the in...

Butler Helps First-Responders And Community Heroes

Butler attorneys Suzanne DeCopain, Shaheen Nouri and Nicia Mijia helped out our community by providing legal service to firefighters, law enforcement and EMTs during the HCBA "Wills for Heroes Pro Bono" Event. The Wills for Heroes pro bono project is an effort to show our appreciation for the daily sacrifices of our local firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency medical technicians. This pr...

“Slow and Steady” or “Fast and Furious”: Repeated Seepage or Leakage Policy Exclusion Prevails

A recent ruling in a U.S. District Court in Missouri may suggest a new path for policy exclusions based on “continuous or repeated seepage or leakage of water.” The Court rejected the argument that the continuous or repeated seepage or leakage of water exclusion is only applicable where the leakage or seepage is slow or gradual. The Court held that there was nothing in the policy language disc...

The Evolving Limitations on Appraisers in Florida: Analyzing State Farm Florida Ins. Co. v. Sanders

Appraisers are frequently involved in Florida property claims. Accordingly, Florida courts continue to refine the roles and limitations with respect to appraisers and the appraisal process as a whole. Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal recently held that a public adjuster who is in a contractual agent-principal relationship with the insureds cannot be a disinterested appraiser as a matter ...

Encouraging Proposals for Settlement in Florida: Old Dominion Ins. Co. v. Tipton

The topic of proposals for settlement in Florida is a dynamic one. Florida courts continue to shape and refine the landscape of proposals and offers in civil litigation. On April 26, 2019, Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal issued an opinion regarding the effects of litigation stays on the validity of a proposal. In Old Dominion Ins. Co. v. Tipton, No. 2D18-24, 2019 WL 186—8194 (Fla...

The Markovits Decision: Considerations and Implications

Recently, Florida’s First District Court of Appeal held that for purposes of determining the timeliness of a proposal for settlement, the complaint is considered served on the insurer when process is served upon the statutory agent, Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, and not when process is forwarded by the Chief Financial Officer to the insurer. Markovits v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. ...

Shaheen Nouri