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June 12, 2023

Sandy Peninger is the recipient of this month’s STEP Award. Sandy joined the firm in Feb 2018 and is currently the Legal Administrative Clerk in the Charlotte office. She brings an unfettered attitude of “what can I do today to help” with her to the office daily and displays endless drive to complete whatever tasks face her, all without complaint. She is often the “jack of trades” when it comes to administrative matters for the Charlotte Subrogation and Coverage groups. That said, the STEP award is more than a recognition of a “job well done.” The STEP award is a recognition for going the extra mile in exemplifying Service, Teamwork, Excellence, and Principles at the Firm. Sandy certainly goes the extra mile and then some when it comes to her enthusiasm for our firm. She dives in wholeheartedly when faced with learning new assignments or new computer software. She even learned Vietnamese to welcome a client to the office! The entire Charlotte office benefits from her willingness to lend a hand, and her ability to wade through multiple projects without complaint is an example to all. Please join us in congratulating Sandy!

Sandy Penniger, Zach Jett, and Andrew Watson