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CLM Webinar – Efficiently Evaluating Subrogation Potential Without Breaking The Bank

February 21, 2018

Zachary Jett will be hosting a CLM Webinar on Wednesday, February 21st. The topic is “Efficiently Evaluating Subrogation Potential Without Breaking The Bank”. 

Subrogation professionals are routinely tasked with processing a high volume of claims, with an eye toward evaluating recovery potential. Often, losses under $100,000 may initially appear to have strong subrogation potential but the expenses of investigation could ultimately outweigh recovery potential.

This webinar will focus on how to efficiently handle losses under $100,000 from a subrogation attorney’s perspective as well as that of an engineer. Together, our presenters will provide a roadmap for the subrogation professional to efficiently handle smaller losses in order to appropriately evaluate subrogation potential and to (hopefully) achieve a successful recovery without overspending. The presenters will also discuss the importance of the initial conversation with the insured, state-specific statutes, how to identify important dates during the evaluation, and clear impediments that indicate when the file should be closed.