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March 30, 2023

Join Partner Ashley Mattingly as she collaborates with Frank Griffin (Envista Forensics), Brian O’Connor (Engle Martin), and Brett Reuter (Arch Insurance Group) for the CLM’s one-of-a-kind Annual Conference in Tampa on March 29-31.

In this interactive workshop, participants will create simulated hail damage using a wide variety of tools. How real can you make it look? Will your team’s shingle be able to fool the other teams? You’ll leave this session armed with the knowledge to help you differentiate damage from hail or ice balls, mechanical damage from human interaction, inherent manufacturing defect (blisters), and age-related deterioration. The session closes with participants reviewing samples of asphalt shingles with and without mat fractures that have gone through the desaturation test so the mat and any fractures and be observed and felt, looking into what the desaturation test can/cannot tell us, and discussing the legal and claims aspects of when testing would be beneficial.

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