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March 31, 2023

Join Partner Jason Seitz as he collaborates with Charles Beshara (Beshara and Associates), Donna Friis (Envista Forensics), and Matt Perkins (Envista Forensics) for the CLM’s one-of-a-kind Annual Conference in Tampa on March 29-31.

Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, and Maria are the top three most costly hurricanes to date, each having a CPI-adjusted estimated cost of over $100 BILLION. Time will tell if the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian will rise to this level. Timing is critical in addressing these claims with bad faith claims occurring from improper and delayed carrier responses. Hurricane damage compounded with age-related deterioration and other storm events adds complexity to determining the causation of damages. This panel will compare and contrast hurricane-related claims trends, look at the DOs and DON’Ts of hurricane claims, and explore the various tools used to address delayed reports of damage.

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