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Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Smartphone Due to Fire Hazard

September 7, 2016

Samsung issued a global recall and has stopped all sales and shipments on its Galaxy Note 7, which was released for sale in August of 2016. The recall was claimed due to battery cell flaws are known to be a fire hazard. Samsung declared the recall following worldwide reports of over 35 fires. The fires have reportedly occurred while the handset was charging, and explosions have been reported to have occurred.

The recall involves approximately 2.5 million handsets that were sold last month. An unnamed Samsung official reported that less than 0.1 percent of the handsets sold thus far have been affected by the battery cell flaw. Samsung SDI was the manufacturer and supplier of the batteries that are claimed to be faulty. The handsets sold in China were not affected, because those batteries were not manufactured by Samsung SDI. Samsung proactively announced the recall and is voluntarily replacing the handsets with a new device over the coming weeks.