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Subro Sense Podcast | Holiday Havoc “Fireplace & Chimney Fire Losses”

December 23, 2020

The Holiday Season is here, but what if the celebrations don’t always bring cheer? Host Aaron Jacobs presents the “Holiday Havoc” series featured on Butler’s Subro Sense Podcast. Three podcasts + Holiday mishaps = Everything you need to know about Holiday-related claims.

Stockings hung on the mantel above a warm fire sounds like a delight to many during winter’s cold months, but did you know that according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), half of the reported fires involving heating equipment are household fireplaces and their associated chimneys? In our third and final “Holiday Havoc” episode of Subro Sense, Partner Aaron Jacobs and Senior Associate Thomas Burgess discuss the forensic investigation and subrogation relative to fireplace and chimney disasters. You don’t want to miss the last Subro Sense episode of Season 2! 

Read the JS Held Whitepaper Aaron mentions here::




Joins us as Tom also co-hosts on the other Holiday Havoc podcasts, which focus on Cooking Fires and Christmas Tree & Light Fires.

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