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February 16, 2021

Get ready to sail the high seas with Butler Partner and host, Aaron Jacobs and co-host, Craig Sylvester with Jensen Hughes, as they discuss the factors and circumstances that should be considered when evaluating boat and vessel fire losses and associated subrogation claims.  From the components of vessels most commonly involved in fire claims to potential subrogation claims against third parties like service contractors and marinas, Aaron and Craig will prepare you for your next voyage into the world of vessel fire claims.

Filled with insightful tips and enlightening conversations with subrogation experts from around the country, you won’t want to miss an episode of Subro Sense Season 3!

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Craig Sylvester is a licensed Mechanical Engineer with over twenty years’ experience operating and maintaining complex equipment systems on ships, submarines, dive support barges, and at industrial facilities supporting ship repair and aircraft manufacturing. Combining this extensive technical background and earned trust as a forensic engineer, Craig performs mishap investigations,product liability casework, personal injury litigation support, and expert testimony for law firms, insurance companies and industry clients.

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