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June 12, 2019 | Podcast| Subro Sense Podcast - Unique Factors and Considerations in a Subrogation Release


There are many critical factors that must be considered when drafting or reviewing a proposed subrogation release. For example, many insurers are reluctant to agree to indemnity, hold harmless, or confidentiality provisions in a release, which are commonly requested by a settling defendant. On this episode of our Subro Sense podcast, Aaron Jacobs with guest speaker, Matthew Freiman of Craig/is Ltd, will explore the potential difficulties that may be presented in a subrogation release and recommendations on how to approach and resolve release issues.

A special thank you to our guest speaker, Matthew D. Freiman, of Craig/is. LTD for being a part of Butler's subrogation podcast.





Matthew D. Freiman | DIRECTOR AT CRAIG/IS. LTD

Director of Large Loss Investigations/Litigation Management at Craig/is, Ltd in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr. Freiman has litigated in state and federal courts throughout the United States as well as arbitral panels in Europe. Mr. Freiman is co-author of the subrogation chapter in the Chancery and Special Remedies Handbook published by the Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education.


Aaron M. Jacobs | PARTNER

Subrogation & Recovery and Aviation

(813) 281-1900 | TAMPA


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