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This Ain’t No Hallmark Holiday: Turkey Fryers, Holiday Lights, Christmas Trees, And Other Common Holiday Fire Scenarios

November 5, 2023

Join Partner Matt Peaire and co-presenters Dana Meyers, Joe Rich, and Rich Schuster for the 2023 NASP Annual Conference on November 5-9, 2023. The program description is listed below.

Every year, subrogation professionals encounter holiday fires that can be frustrating, causing them to question if an avenue of recovery is being missed. In a fun way, against the backdrop of the idyllic holiday world created by movies from the Hallmark channel, the panel will show real life ain’t no Hallmark holiday. Clark Griswold and Cousin Eddy from “Christmas Vacation” are just as real as Santa, and their comparative fault may be insurmountable. The panel will use case examples to discuss how to investigate these cases, with an emphasis on identifying good and bad subrogation, to avoid unnecessary expenses. Click here to learn more.

Charlotte Partner Zach Jett will also be present at the event as a Track Leader for the Products Liability Track presentations.