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Windows and Doors: Are They the Next Chinese Drywall for the Construction Industry?

September 28, 2023

Join Tampa Partner Denise Anderson and co-presenters Wendy Testa (Wilson Elser), Laura Straznicky (Engle Martin), Sandra Heiden (Arch Insurance Group Inc.), and Donna Friis (Envista Forensics) for the CLM Construction Conference on September 28, 2023, in Austin, TX. The program description is below:

In addition to the rising trend in the number of construction defect claims for windows and doors, the value of the claims, as well as the type of claims, have also increased with heavily litigated states like Florida, Texas, California and New York leading the way. Improper installation of windows and doors is one of the leading sources of building performance failures that lead to construction defect litigation, with high-performance windows and doors making the claims even more complex. This panel will take a deep dive into these claims and associated allegations with a viewpoint of litigation, adjusting, and engineering. 

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