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August 20, 2016

Butler Senior Associate Zach Jett is going to jail for a great cause. On August 25th, this newfound jailbird will step into a cell and remain there until he has raised a minimum of $3,200 that will support a family through the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

Zach’s home office is Butler’s Charlotte, North Carolina location, and he first heard of the opportunity through his colleague, Laura Reed. Laura has strong ties with the MDA organization and asked Zach if he would be interested in raising money for the cause. A few days later, Zach received a heartfelt letter from the Sentivan family introducing their children, Noah and Natalie. The letter explained that their children were born with Charcot-Maria-Tooth Disease, also known as peroneal muscular atrophy. The disease affects both motor and sensory nerves making simple tasks such as walking and moving fingers a challenge.

Zach is no stranger to Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease. In fact, he has a personal tie to the disease. “My grandfather was diagnosed with this disease later on in his life…and it really affected his mobility. He was very active his whole life, so it was very frustrating for him. It really spoke to me personally,” Zach explained. He knew that he had to help in a big way.

Zach will enter the jail cell on that fateful Thursday, hoping that he will raise enough “bail” money, so that Noah and Natalie will be able to attend a specialized MDA summer camp. Both children wear leg braces and specialized shoes, which makes attending a regular summer camp difficult. Zach aims to provide a unique opportunity for both children to experience the MDA Summer Camp that has specialized events and athletic activities that children with muscular atrophy can enjoy.

“Ultimately, this will allow Noah and Natalie to enjoy a summer camp tailored to their needs… It’s important to give back to the local community when we are able. I think there are people right across the street, here in Charlotte, we can help.”

UPDATE: Zach has completed his time behind bars! He exceeded his goal and raised a whopping $3,350 for MDA and the Sentivan family! Thank you, Zach, for your dedication to serving not only your community in Charlotte but also other families around the nation that the MDA supports.