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September 9, 2022

Pablo Cáceres is a Partner at the firm who primarily litigates complex First and Third-Party Coverage matters in state and federal courts, including appeals. He has successfully handled hundreds of hurricanes and other high-value property claims, totaling well into the hundreds of millions of dollars and has significant litigation experience with first and third-party bad faith claims.



Much of your legal career has been focused on First and Third-Party Coverage.What drew you to these practice areas?

In 1997, Lee Craig hired me to assist with first party work.  On my first day, Lee asked if I had any first party coverage experience.  I said, “Not really.”  He replied, sternly, “That concerns me.”  Since that day, I have enjoyed the challenge of working within the ever-evolving law on coverage, both statewide and nationally.  But when it comes down to it, clients are the reason why I like doing what I am doing,  I like solving complicated problems for people who rely on me to give them good advice and results.  I think I eventually alleviated Lee’s “concern.”


How do you approach your representation in a case?

I focus on the big picture.  And I find the most efficient, and sometimes, creative way to achive my client’s desired result.  I do not overplay my hand.  I also am mindful of Paul Butler’s message that my file handling affects, in a very real way, the life of the person I report to who is responsible for the file.  


What has been your most significant achievement/success or contribution to the firm?

I think I have contributed significantly to Florida jurisprudence, carrying on the Firm’s tradition of being on the forefront of insurance law.  And it is personally rewarding to see cases I have argued cited repeatedly.  I also have passed down Lee’s teachings on good writing.  But mine is no match for his writing talent.


When you’re not working hard on cases, what do you enjoy doing for fun?

I like crafting wood fired pizzas in my backyard pizza oven.  I built the oven six years ago.  Through much trial and error, I learned to make pizzas from scratch and bake them in a 650-900 degree oven.  Over the years I have made traditional Neopolitan pizzas, New York style pizzas, and most recently, New Haven style pizzas.  I am constantly experimenting to bake the perfect pizza.  During the initial weeks and months of the pandemic, I opened up my backyard restaurant of sorts to my friends during the shutdown.  

I also have taken up inline skating, having completed my first marathon this year in Washington, D.C.  My goal is to skate through the streets of Berlin next year at its annual inline skate marathon.  And I am sure I will try out Berlin’s best pizza while I am there!



To learn more about Pablo, click his profile above.