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Climbing the Emotion/Logic Mountain: Overcoming Barriers Towards Claim Resolution

January 25, 2022

Join Partner William Collum and co-panelists Craig Maihiot (Florida Family Insurance), Christopher Scarlett (Phoenix Claims Consulting) and Donna Stockham (Stockham Law Group, P.A) as they present for the 2022 Windstorm Conference at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort on January 25, 2022.

This presentation aims to give the professional tools in understanding emotions and logic in claims handling/adjustment and reach towards claim resolution. They will discuss common adjustment issues in homeowner and commercial property claims and address methods and strategies for reaching claim resolution, including instances where emotions run high.

They will also discuss topics such as addressing common policy provisions with insureds (including potential exclusions/limitations applying to claims), handling of claim communications, and adjustment mechanics featuring insurer and insured adjustment professionals addressing their advice from years of property claim experience.