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Unwavering, dedicated and bold, Jessica Skarin is a Subrogation and Coverage Attorney who gets things done. She knows that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” way to handle a file, and clients relish Jessica’s ability to tailor her work to better suit their needs. Jessica's practice involves large losses of all types including product liability claims, fire and flood damage, and construction defects. Her experience includes unique losses such as a seven figure settlement in a claim involving damages allegedly caused by the improper sale of receivership assets following bankruptcy proceedings.  She also works high profile cases and obtained a summary judgment (affirmed on appeal) involving the interpretation of an insurance policy for the World Trade Center Towers on 9/11.  Whether it is jumping to investigate a recent loss or preparing persuasive legal arguments, clients believe in Jessica’s ability to handle every element of the case seamlessly.

A young achiever, Jessica always knew she’d become an attorney. She can’t remember a time where she wasn’t questioning the status quo, pulling together a team, or drumming up the perfect strategy to achieve her goals effectively. Equipped with a strong “let’s move mountains” work ethic, Jessica values the client’s partnership and strives to go above and beyond every step of the way. 

A seasoned author, Jessica’s work can be found in several publications such as CLM Magazine, The Subrogator, and the Insurance Law Library Edition. She also speaks on several occasions regarding Subrogation topics at conferences for Claims Litigation Management and the National Association of Subrogation  Professionals.

Outside of work, Jessica uses her hands-on approach in her neighborhood and community. Her volunteer history includes work at her local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. Recently, she’s helped combat hunger by collecting and sorting food for a Texas food bank. She also has a passion for supporting local libraries and is part of the “Friends of the Library” initiative. 


  • Florida
  • Texas


  • Florida State University
    Bachelor of Arts
  • Wake Forest University School of Law
    Doctor of Jurisprudence


  • American Bar Association (ABA)
  • CLM - Chair of the Subrogation Committee
  • Texas Bar Association
  • The Florida Bar


  • Florida Courts (Middle District)
  • Florida Courts (Northern District)
  • Florida Courts (Southern District)
  • Florida State Courts
  • Texas State Courts
  • United States Second Circuit Court of Appeals

Factory Mutual Insurance Company, as subrogee of Briggs & Stratton Corp. et al. v. National Distribution Centers, L.P. et al. - Cause No. 096-256395-11 (96th Dist. Tarrant County, TX) (subrogation lawsuit arising from catastrophic fire that completely destroyed 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Grand Prairie, Texas.  Damages exceeded $75 million).

In re: West Explosion Cases - Cause No. 2013-2476-4 (170th Dist. McLennan County, TX) (mass tort litigation and subrogation lawsuit following explosion of fertilizer plant in West, Texas).

World Trade Properties LLC, et. al. v. QBE Int’l Ins. Ltd., et. al. - 627 Fed. Appx. 10 (2nd Cir. 2015) (summary judgment regarding interpretation of subrogation provision within insurance policy).

January 27, 2017 PUBLICATIONWhen Pipes Go Pop

Although we may not see the historic low temperatures associated with the polar vortex of 2014, the winter season always brings with it an influx of freeze-related claims. Notably, the involvement of Mother Nature does not automatically preclude a subrogation recovery, and these types of claims should be triaged promptly and efficiently in order to avoid overlooking subrogation potential.

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October 11, 2016 PUBLICATIONHold on to Your Recoveries so They Don't Spoil

The phrase "spoliation of evidence" invokes thoughts of discarded pipes and compromised fire scenes. Even the greenest of first party adjusters and subrogation professionals are quick to ask an insured if the physical artifacts related to a loss are still available. Given that most documents are now transmitted and stored electronically, the potential for spoliation of evidence exists not only with physical artifacts, but also with the preservation of documents and electronically stored information ("ESI"). In order to prevent a claim of defense alleging the spoliation of evidence, adjusters and subrogation professionals should be implementing litigation holds for all claims where subrogation is pursued. 

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October 10, 2016 PUBLICATIONWho, What, When, and How Much? Key Questions to Ask When Faced With a Potential Sovereign Immunity Defense

With each new claim we navigate a myriad of potential obstacles to recovery.  As subrogation professionals, we work to quickly identity these issues and evaluate the best recovery strategy.  In doing so, some obstacles may first appear insurmountable, but later give way to the ever diligent subrogation professional.  One such obstacle is the concept of sovereign immunity.

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December 17, 2015 PUBLICATIONIntroduction to Insurance Subrogation

Published by LexisNexis, Appleman on Insurance has long been considered a comprehensive resource in the field of insurance law.  It is showcased by LexisNexis as an “authoritative analyses of insurance law across the nation with insights provided by expert practitioners and scholars . . . .”

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December 01, 2014 PUBLICATIONThe Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Spoliation Itself … and Sanctions: How Spoliation Can Erode, or Even Destroy, the Potential for Recovery

Successful subrogation recoveries generally start with proper documentation and preservation of the relevant evidence.  For this reason, every effort should be made to involve a subrogation professional at the earliest possible moment following a loss.  However, early involvement is not always plausible.  Additionally, at times, the circumstances surrounding the loss simply do not allow for the desired preservation of evidence.  When the relevant evidence is not sufficiently documented or preserved, a claim for recovery is likely to be met with a spoliation defense. 

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June 26, 2014 PUBLICATIONThe Language Was Not Enough: Florida Supreme Court Holds that the Standard "Transfer of Rights" Provision Does Not Abrogate the "Made Whole Rule"

The scope of these transferred rights had not been addressed in Florida until the Eleventh Circuit certified the issue to the Florida Supreme Court. In its recent opinion, the Florida Supreme Court clarified that a basic transfer of rights provision, without more, does not give the insurer a right of priority. Under such circumstances, priority of recovery remains dictated by Florida's common law "made whole doctrine." 

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December 01, 2013 PUBLICATIONProving Lost Profits In a Subrogation Case: It's No Easy Matter

This article was originally published in the Subrogator, a publication by the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, Winter, 2013. © Copyright 2013 by NASP. All rights reserved. Republished by Butler with permission from NASP.

As subrogation professionals, it is sometimes easy to overly focus on the liability issues in each case, leaving a thorough damages analysis for another day. However, it is a better practice to perform a complete evaluation of the legally recoverable damages early during the subrogation investigation, so that the true value of the claim can be ascertained and relayed to the subrogating insurer. This is especially so in cases where the business interruption portion of the loss is significant, since an error in proper quantification of the recoverable portion of the business interruption loss could dramatically change the overall valuation of a case -- both for settlement and trial purposes.

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June 26, 2013 PUBLICATIONFlorida Supreme Court Limits Economic Loss Rule to Products Liability Claims

In an advantageous decision for the subrogation industry, the Florida Supreme Court recently narrowed the scope of the economic loss rule, and limited the rule’s application to only cases involving products liability. Broadly stated, the economic loss rule prohibits a tort action in certain circumstances when the damages incurred are wholly economic, and there is no other property damage or personal injury. Although inexplicably expanded over time, the recent decision curtails the expansive definition and returns Florida’s economic loss rule to its historical roots. 

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This webinar will discuss the important role that the first party adjuster plays in the subrogation process.

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August 13, 2019 PODCASTSSubro Sense Podcast - Made Whole Rule: Lessons Learned from the 9/11 World Trade Center Litigation

The litigation ensuing from the catastrophic events of 9/11 highlighted the importance of addressing “Made Whole” considerations when evaluating subrogation claims...

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Blog Posts

April 23, 2020 BLOG POSTButler's Thursday Tips #3 | Handling Business Loss Claims

Partner Jessica Skarin offers some tips on dealing with business loss claims for subrogation attorneys...

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March 06, 2020 BLOG POSTWomen's History Month - Dolores Huerta

We’re celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth by featuring a fantastic female leader each week. Different clues will be scattered throughout Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Monday through Wednesday, so be sure to follow us on all platforms to see each clue...

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June 14, 2018 COMMUNITYCTRL Your Future

For the third year in a row, Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig has spread some end of the school year cheer to seniors in eight different locations. Butler’s annual CTRL Your Future essay contest was created by the Firm’s Community Service Committee to recognize deserving high school seniors who have exhibited commitment to their academics. The winners in each city received a brand-new laptop with a full Microsoft Office Suite installed to assist them in their studies in the fall.

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November 21, 2017 COMMUNITYButler Builds a Future for Families with Habitat for Humanity

Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig employees volunteered their time to build homes, furniture, and shelves for Habitat for Humanity, an organization that has helped place over 800,000 people in homes throughout the nation.

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October 03, 2019 EVENTA Sprinkler Activation – Four Viewpoints From Four Perspectives

We have often heard the phrase “there are two sides to every story.” In this presentation, the panel will present four sides to a common loss scenario: The accidental sprinkler activation...

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November 09, 2018 EVENTPaying It Forward in the Subrogation Context: A Discussion of How Safety, Diversity, and Professionalism Impact Your Business and Your Recoveries

Jessica Skarin will be presenting at the CLM Southeast Conference on the topic "Paying it Forward in the Subrogation Context" on November 8, 2018.

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November 03, 2017 EVENT2017 CLM Southeast Conference - Hot Off the Press: A Look at the 2017 NFPA 921

Jessica Skarin from Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig presented in Atlanta, Georgia at the 2017 CLM Southeast Conference on the topic of "Hot Off the Press: A Look at the 2017 NFPA 921".

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June 23, 2016 EVENTSpecial Delivery: What Type of "Package" Does The First Party Adjuster Deliver To Your Subrogation Department?

2016 CLM Midwest (Subrogation) Conference

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November 05, 2014 EVENTButler Subrogation & Recovery Webinar

Is Your Claim Undermined Because Your Target is Underwater? - What To Do When Your Recovery Target Files for Bankruptcy

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November 03, 2013 EVENTNASP's 2013 Annual Conference

The Made Whole Rule in Property Subrogation Cases:  Lessons Learned from the World Trade Center Litigation

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December 06, 2019 NEWSJessica Skarin Appointed Lead Chair for Subrogation Committee

Join us in congratulating Jessica Skarin for being appointed as Lead Chair of the Subrogation Committee for the CLM.

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March 08, 2019 NEWSInternational Women's Day - 2019

In celebration of International Women's Day, we've gathered several of our female attorneys to discuss various important female figures in US history.

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March 08, 2018 NEWSInternational Women's Day

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence."

-Sheryl Sanberg

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Butler is a collection of people who are hard working and dedicated.   Combine those traits with “creative” and “multi-faceted” and you have the Quality Committee’s next Butler STEP Award recipient – Jessica Skarin.

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