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March 31, 2023

Join Partner Brian Hohman as he collaborates with Dean Meyers and Zane Sadik (Charles Taylor Adjusting & Technical Services) for the CLM’s one-of-a-kind Annual Conference in Tampa on March 29-31.

The technological innovations of the last several years have drastically changed how we are able to capture a property or loss site. Equipment and products available today can better show the location and condition of the alleged issues, memorialize them and show changes over time. Whether it is a case involving a slip and fall, claims of construction non-compliance, or even property damage claims, the technology available today provides a means for everyone to see the actual conditions and eliminates the opposing side’s ability to take items out of context or propose theories of loss that do not fit the facts. In other words, technology has the capability to hold everyone accountable for the truth. The panel will discuss technology trends, show how inexpensive these technologies have become, and reveal how fast these devices can be used to document a site. Even large loss sites can be captured in a fraction of the time it used to take and provide the claims team with documentation that can be used to settle claims, at mediation, or to convince a jury at trial.

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