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September 8, 2020

Butler proudly presents the Coverage Corner- a collection of blogs that address the most current and critical third-party coverage matters in the insurance industry today. Read each blog below:

Information or Indemnity: Do Certificates of Insurance Grant Insured Status?

By Michael Bayern

Duke v. Hoch Standard Survives Challenge in Eleventh Circuit

By Jessica Stillwell

Members Only: The Eleventh Circuit Restricts Membership to the “Illusory Coverage” Club to Narrow Set of Circumstances

By Yonit Rosengarten

It’s a Policy, Not a Payday Loan

By Blake Hunter

“Common Sense” Conquers “Creative Pleading,” as the Eleventh Circuit Applies Narrow Exception to Florida’s “Four-Corners” Rule to Prevent Plaintiff from “Pleading into Coverage”

By Ryan Hilton

Does the Pollution Exclusion Bar Coverage for Injuries Arising out of Viruses and Bacteria?

By Sarah Anderson