Disciplined in Sophisticated Defense and Insurance Litigation


The challenges of resolving construction disputes can be overwhelming. Often times there are multiple parties involved which can make the process onerous. Our construction lawyers are prepared to handle any aspect of litigation. We’ve successfully worked with a range of clients from general contractors and their subcontractors, suppliers and manufacturers, design professionals, as well as owners and developers in all aspects of complex construction litigation.

We are your scaffold in construction claims

In addition to providing coverage advice on negligence, contractual, and indemnity claims, the firm has extensive experience litigating issues in:

  • Declaratory Judgment Actions
  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Construction Accident Litigation
  • First-Party Coverage Disputes

The kind of expertise that delivers clients hard-winning results

Whatever the context, a builder’s risk claim, complex construction defect litigation, declaratory judgment action, or some other type of dispute relating to construction, Butler prides itself on having real world experience in the construction field. Competency and substantive knowledge of industry standards and building practices is one of our many our strong suites.